About me:
  1. Where were you born?
    I was born in Salamanca on the 13th September 1971.
  2. Where did you study?
    I studied English Philology at the University of Salamanca.
  3. What languages have you studied and which languages do you speak?
    I studied Spanish language and literature, Latin, Greek Classics, English and Italian. I speak Spanish, English and Italian.
  4. What do you like to do in your free time?
    I love to read, especially classical literature, historical biographies or novels based on historical events. In fact, I love the history of Spain, Europe and America. I also love travelling and getting to know different cultures and comparing them to my own. I like going out and hanging out with my friends and even playing sports. Finally, I enjoy politics and learning about the economy and international relations.
  5. What is really important in your life?
    There are many important things in life but for me, it depends on the experiences you have been through. When you are younger, the most important things are for example your studies, your friends, equality, human rights… and of course partying! But when you grow up, your interests change because the people around you change so, for me the same things are important but in a new way. My family, my good friends, my work because all of these are what make me happy. I also consider certain human values in life: respect, tolerance, helping the needs of others, empathy, understanding and love.

About my job:
  1. What is your job and why?
    I have been a Spanish teacher at ISLA since 2002 and, because I studied languages, I am very dedicated to my job; I really enjoy it despite the long hours of teaching. I started teaching primary school children when I was a student and since then, I have always felt responsible for everything that my students learn when they are studying. When I was a student, I realized that being a teacher was the job for me.
  2. Although your job is hard, do you find it interesting as well?
    I have always loved working with people of different nationalities and cultures. I find it very interesting teaching a new language to people who think differently and have different experiences with other languages.
  3. What level of Spanish do you enjoy teaching the most?
    As a teacher, I have no preference in the level of Spanish that my students know. I think that if a student is motivated to learn, they are easier to teach and will learn more. I also love teaching culture because I think that a student learning a language should know about the culture of the countries that speak it and this can help improve their language skills. From my experience, teaching beginners is very satisfying because I love to watch as they notice themselves improving.
  4. What do you think is the most important quality to have when teaching Spanish as a foreign language?
    To be a good teacher, I think you need to be patient and be able to explain things clearly. You need to be able to relate to a student whilst also being able to put them in their place. A good teacher needs to have the ability to motivate their students if the teacher is motivated the student is more likely to be motivated too.