Do I need a visa?

A word of warning: Do not attempt to enter Spain without a visa if you need one. There is no emergency procedure, you can't bribe the police, your embassy in Spain can't help and you will probably be refused entry and put on the first plane home, or what is worse, impounded for a few days until they find you a flight.

1) Visas are NOT required for passports of any of the following countries, regardless of purpose and/or length of stay in Spain:

  • The European Union
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

2) Not from European Union, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland and staying less than 90 days:

A) You DON'T need a visa if you hold a passport from:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Corea, Croatia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA.

B) NOT from any of these places but staying for less than 90 days?

You need to get a Schengen or Tourist visa. You need to contact your nearest Consulate who will inform you in more detail what this entails. Tourist visas take about 15 days to come through.

Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, UAE, Philipines, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenia, Marocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine,

3) Not from the EU, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway and staying more than 90 days.

You need a student visa. Contact & Location your nearest consulate. The visa takes 7 weeks to come through. Do note that you have to relinquish your passport during this time.

4) Not from the EU and staying more than 180 days?

If your stay in Spain is for a period longer than 180 days you will have to request, within one month of your arrival in Spain, an authorization for the completion of your studies. ISLA will help you do this.

What happens if I arrive in Spain planning to be there less than 90 days (so don’t get a VISA) but then decide to stay on?

You will need to return to your country of origin and get a student VISA. You can not “become” a student once in Spain.

What happens if I arrive in Spain on a study visa for 6 months but when my time is up I want to stay on?

You can extend Study visas while in Spain if you can produce:

  • Proof that you have successfully completed previous studies (Certificate of Attendance).
  • A course confirmation for your future studies.
If you do need a visa:

On the booking form select the checkbox indicating that you need a VISA. Do make sure you have filled in your correct passport details. On receipt of your 100 euros deductible deposit the ISLA office will send you the documents you require (plus confirmation of health insurance booked) both via pdf and via post.

In some countries you can make your VISA application by post. In most, you need to make an appointment at your nearest consulate. They will tell you what other papers you need to bring.

If you are unsuccessful in your VISA application ISLA will refund the 100 euros less postal/bank charges on receipt of the consulate’s letter to you saying that the VISA has not been granted. If you do get your VISA you need to pay your fees and first month’s accommodation in advance unless you have opted to pay in cash in the office on the first day.

NOTE: This information about VISAS is of an orientative nature and should be checked with the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country. Conditions change constantly and ISLA does not accept responsibility for travel mishaps due to students’ incorrect documentation.