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First Day at ISLA

My first day was pretty crazy - I had to get up early to make sure I got to school on time (I did get quite lost but saw someone else holding up a map we sort of figured it out together). Then had to try to remember some Spanish and straight into class. We had a meeting with Dieter afterwards who told us some stuff about the school and after that I went to my family for lunch. I was happy I didn't have to go and find a supermarket like everyone else!! There was another American girl living in my family so that was quite nice. She had arrived the week before. We mooched around and she took me to the big square. In the evening there was a party at ISLA which was really nice. There were about 10 others who had started that day too plus lots of other students who had been at ISLA for longer. They told us that the nightlife is amazing so I'm looking forward to that!

Written by Sophie Molloy, USA

Life in Salamanca

For my first few weeks I did what almost everyone does.... meet up at night, go out - sometimes very late, then sleep, up for class for 1000, then home for food at 1400 (though we eat a tapa or bocadillo too in the mid morning break or we wouldn't survive till then!), siesta, homework and then the same thing again!! Now we do more stuff like salsa dancing and having each other over for dinner. We have been horse-riding twice and hope to go skiing and away on weekends as now there is a guy in our group who is a bit older (you have to be 25 to rent a car). We go out a bit less - not every night like before. Thursday nights are best as the week is nearly over and the Spanish students who live locally haven't left for the weekend. We have started making Spanish friends! The Spanish seems come out best after midnight! Sometimes in the afternoons we go to the movie at the school but I guess when it is warmer we will go to the pool. There are conferences but I haven't been to any of those yet. I'm waiting for my Spanish to be good. I never miss the Tapas tour which is such good fun and really good value - only 10 euros for the whole night. Of course we go for tapas on our own too but the tour is more fun. What else? Mostly we meet up at each others flat and cook or do homework. I never had friends from so many countries before (France, UK, USA, Japan, Italy...)

Fred Plum, Germany

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