Most of our students will pick one of these. Those wishing to do a basic course with no add-ons will go for the 4 lesson Standard Course. If you want to do an extra hour for a great price/value, pick the 5 lesson Intensive Course which includes an extra lesson about Spanish and South American culture.

If you can, one to one lessons are a great idea. Short-termers wishing for maximum Spanish possible, those with a specific agenda or learners just seeking private time with a teacher might take the Power Course (the Standard Course plus one to one each day) or the 6 lesson Power Plus (the Intensive Course plus one to one each day) .

Some students want fewer one to ones, like say one or two per week. And some want more than one per day. These options can be selected when booking the Customized Course.

If you are preparing for UK or Irish exams (GCSE and Sixth form), these are the courses you will almost certainly be choosing, and the majority of students pick the Power versions which include an additional daily one to one to be able to work on their own specific topics or problem areas. These courses are also suitable for IB, Pre U and Leaving Cert. candidates.

This is a 9 month stay either with the 4 lesson Standard Course (the Academic Year Course ) or the 5 daily Intensive Course ( the Academic Year Plus Course). As well as seeking definitive fluency, Academic Year students will acquire an understanding of and integration into Spanish life. It is often popular with those planning on continuing their studies in Spain or on a Gap or sabbatical year.
Our long termers' option, this course is great value as not only is the course price heavily discounted but you also get an extra 4 weeks for free!

If it suits you better to study Spanish online (or have just got home and are missing it all!) then you might want to try out our Skype lessons. These give you the opportunity to have an ISLA teacher in your own home, whether you are preparing for an interview or an exam, want to continue where you left off at ISLA or just want to keep your spoken and listening Spanish going. You can receive a Certificate of Attendance for these lessons. You can sign up for a free taster lesson on this site.

If you are hoping to prepare for the Instituto Cervantes DELE exams of any level we recommend you choose the Power DELE course, mainly familiarize yourself with the exam format. With this course you will receive group classes in general Spanish appropriate to your level, and de exam technique during your individual classes. Your classes will be with expert teachers who are also DELE examiners, so they really know their stuff!
The teachers are such great fun and the relationship you share with them isn´t the traditional one of distance that I was used to England but more one of good friendship. Federica Miller, UK