About me:
  1. Are you from Salamanca?
    Pretty much, I was born here but I grew up in a town called Guijuelo, which is about 50kms away.
  2. What did you study?
    History at the University of Salamanca.
  3. What do you do in your free time?
    I always go out to eat with my friends. I also enjoy doing exercise; playing paddle tennis, doing pilates and I have just bought myself a bike.
  4. What is your favourite place in Spain?
    It would have to be the North. I love the nature in Asturias (and its cider), the Galician beaches and the city of San Sebastián.
  5. Is there anything that you don´t like doing?
    I don´t like gardening! I try really hard to look after my plants but I end up killing them.

About my job:
  1. When did you start working at ISLA?
    In 2001 I began working as a guide but after a few months, I started working in the office.
  2. How did you end up at ISLA?
    It was actually by chance! A friend called me because they needed a guide for an excursion and I began talking to Amanda and Dieter. I thought that I was only going to be working here for a few months but I am still here now!
  3. What do you like most about your job?
    Meeting so many different people that pass through. It is very interesting to have the opportunity to talk to people from different countries with different backgrounds.
  4. What is the most important quality to have when working with people from different countries?
    It is vital to be patient, to speak slowly and to have an open mind. What is normal here may not be normal in other working environments.
  5. What have you learnt at this job?
    Well, a whole load of things! But most of all to be versatile, to be more outgoing (I was very shy) and to speak better English (thanks to Amanda, of course).