The Spanish is very clear and accent free (and only Spanish is spoken here, unlike some places where strong local dialects and even other languages like for example Catalan, compete). Its size is friendly – not public transport required as everything is walkable, it is extremely beautiful and has a young studenty atmoshpere. There is no mass tourism and it is very affordable.

Yes, but there are only a few national flights. The nearest international airport is Madrid.

Doesn’t need to as everything is reachable on foot. There is a good city bus system though.

Yes. Follow signs for the A6 to La Coruña and then the highway to Avila and finally Salamanca!

Very lively! You can literally rock around the clock, even on week nights. There is a great variety of bars, some studenty and some sophisticated, a few with live music and many with dance floors. There is no entrance fee or special door policy.

In Aveiro on the Portuguese coast about 3 hours by car from Salamanca. A little further away, there are nice beaches on the Asturian coast in the North of Spain.

There is a high speed train link to the centre of Madrid (1,5 hours), but we regard the direct coach to the airport as being a safer and more straightforward way to get there.

On the Plaza Mayor

Yes, just 5 minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor, on a beautiful garden square at the end of the Gran Vía just opposite the San Esteban convent.

Most shops open from 10.00 - 14.00 and from 16.30 - 20.00. All shopping centres and supermarkets stay open all day from 10:00 until 22.00. Banks open from 09.00 – 14.00.