Rewards, Risk, Responsibility: what you need to know about sending your kids or students to ISLA.

A stay in Salamanca is a marvellous experience for youngsters. It means hugely improved spoken competence and a deeper understanding and connection with Spain. So it's ideal for those preparing for school exams. And for students embarking on a year off a stay at ISLA can be the ideal stepping stone from home or boarding to school to independent travelling and living.

ISLA's homey character and experienced staff mean that you can feel confident that your kids are in good hands. Our priority is that all our students, and most especially the younger ones, feel happy and safe. This means placing them with a nice homestay.  And it means making sure students are getting involved and being included.

Salamanca is an extremely safe place - there isn't really any violent crime and thieving on the street is very rare (though we do remind  students to be watchful of their possessions in bars and leave their passports at home)  Most accommodation is very close to the centre and always within 15 minutes walk. 

Our minors' curfew of midnight during the week and one at weekends is partly in place to protect them from potential late night problems. Host mothers check their charges in and report if students are late or in a state. Requests to waive curfew are always politely declined for whatever reason. 

If a student becomes ill we will take them to the doctor and, should they have to be hospitalized, will stay with them until their parents are able to come. ISLA students seem to be quite robust, though! Happily we have had only two cases of appendicitis in as many decades!

So, almost everyone has a happy and healthy time here; but if there was to be a wobble, ISLA would be there. 

Please read our Minor Welfare Agreement here.