Am I too old to study Spanish at ISLA?

As with mature students on undergraduate university degrees, our older learners are often those that get the most out of their studies and Salamancan stay.

This is probably because they are more focused on their Spanish and integration with Spanish people and less distracted. Students over 30 invariably work harder on their Spanish after lessons, interact with their family if they have picked this option, read the newspapers because they would at home too, try and do "intercambios" and attend cultural events.

Studying in a multi-age group is a fairly unique context for everyone and properly handed by an experienced teacher can make for very enjoyable and interesting lessons. Remember, learners are from all over the world and mature learners find the insights into very different cultures fascinating. And youngsters from nearer home also offer a refreshing take on life, the universe and everything. Many older learners decide to take a Power Course which is not nearly as alarming as this sounds! It means in addition to your class hours, every day you a one-to-one lesson to gently practice your speaking with no one but your teacher listening, or get some secret help with your homework so you will wow your classmates.

You might decide to have your teacher to yourself, all the time! We especially recommend this option if you have specific learning interests or simply would rather learn at your own pace all the time. The community atmosphere at ISLA tends is fairly inclusive and often older learners find themselves being carried off to shots bars and having Mrs Robinson moments with Gus from Amsterdam. And there are almost always a few others of one's age and stage who will be up for sharing a nice, civilized glass of wine or rented car.

Accommodation-wise we recommend a homestay if you can bear to share a bathroom - do let us know your preferences and requirements vis à vis smoking, children and so on. We also have a nice residence around the corner from ISLA with private bathrooms where you can opt for all meals, a few meals or no meals at all and of course Salamanca has many lovely hotels and inns to choose from . . . On a final note the ISLA team is on average 40 plus and this particular member is also up for a nice, civilized glass of wine if there's one going.