About me:
  1. Where is your favourite place in Salamanca?
    “La Cueva de Salamanca” – Salamanca’s alchemists’ grotto, it´s secluded and I have had many magical moments there.
  2. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
    Yes, many! But especially coffee and pumpkin seeds.
  3. Which Spanish city would you most like to live in if you weren´t in Salamanca?
    San Sebastián. Its historic center is one of the most beautiful in Spain and I love the Bay of Biscay.
  4. If you could live in any city in the world, where would it be?
    Budapest, for its beauty, its cultural environment and its public baths.
  5. When you aren´t teaching, what do you do?
    My second profession is theatre and I dedicate a lot of my free time to it. But I also like reading, writing, going running and of course watching Barça play football!
  6. What music do you have on your iPod?
    Spanish indie music and Muse.

About my job:
  1. What do you think is your best quality as a teacher?
    My experience in theatre. I like to mimic people, make jokes, play improvisation games, create expectations for the students and use dramatic tension in grammar exercises.
  2. What are your classes like?
    In my classes, I try to create a fun environment with jokes.
  3. What would you recommend to a student who is about to start learning Spanish?
    Learn to use your mistakes to improve your Spanish. If you know what you have done wrong and can explain where you have gone wrong, your Spanish will improve dramatically.
  4. What tense do you most like teaching?
    The past tenses. I have quite a few resources that make it interesting. I like to give each tense a personality: the imperfect tense is the time of grandparents, the pluperfect tense is the time of Romeo and Juliet ... but I don´t want to give away anymore, you will have to come to my classes to find out more.