Levels and their duration at ISLA

Level System.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (MCER in Spanish,
CEFR in English*) is an internationally recognised definition of language levels and this is the system we use at ISLA.

Duration of the levels:

Our total program is 36 weeks long. This length corresponds to the length of the Academic Year course. A few people take this course but the average length of stay is  bit shorter!

On this graph you'll see the length of each level. You'll notice the length of levels varies and that the higher the level, the more weeks it has.

The A1 course therefore lasts 5 weeks. If someone is a total beginner (no Spanish at all), they do the first week of A1.

If you have some Spanish in what level and what week in this level will you be at ISLA? This depends on your result in our classification test, which you do at 8:30am on the first day of your course.

Those who are not absolute beginners and know just a little Spanish start in the second or third week of A1 as false beginners. Those who know a bit more kick off from the fourth and fifth weeks.

Students who have studied more Spanish will be placed in one of the A2, B1 or C1 groups which correspond to a low intermediate, intermediate and advanced level of Spanish respectively.

Can I jump or repeat weeks? Yes, you can jump weeks if you learn rapidly or have advanced a lot in your individual classes. Conversely, you might have to repeat a week if we see you are struggling.

This said, 95% of our students find the pace set by our courses suits them.

When we talk about level in addition to A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 we also talk about which week you are in within that corresponding level. For example: between the first week of B2 and the eigth week of B2 there are 10 weeks of lessons, which is about 2 months.

* For more information about  MCER:
In English and very short