About me:
  1. What has been the most important event for you recently?
    The big party organised for the 25th anniversary of the Association of Youth Tourism of which I am a member and the presentation of the book that we published.
  2. Where has your favourite trip been to?
    Without a doubt, it was spending 9 days in the Amazon rainforest; experiencing the nature around you, crossing flooded forests, living with the family and friends of our guide in his town and sleeping in the middle of a rainforest.
  3. What are your main hobbies?
    Meeting new people, doing sport and dancing. I compete in orienteering competitions, I like to cycle, I teach aerobics classes and I also attend Kizomba African dance classes.
  4. What are you most proud of?
    In my last year at University in León, I organised paella on campus with musical entertainment and other activities during the day. They didn´t think it would work as there were no alcoholic beverages but we sold almost 300 servings of paella. Both the Dean and the Vice president were very surprised and it gave me a lot of satisfaction.

About my job:
  1. Why did you choose to have this job?
    I feel it is the perfect mixture of several job experiences that I have enjoyed in the past. Visiting Brazilian schools in order to teach Spanish, doing a social development program in a nursing home in Portugal and working as a guide for school groups on trips in Europe all made me realize what I wanted to do.
  2. How did you come to work at ISLA?
    It is a funny story actually! I was working for a Brazilian company that required me to visit all of the schools in Salamanca and send them information from each one in order to choose the best one. I had many interviews with Amanda and Dieter as ISLA was picked as the favourite. After meeting them both a few times, I was lucky enough to be offered a job at ISLA and I took it!
  3. Which activity do you enjoy the most at ISLA?
    Karaoke. It’s funny because normally I don´t like it but with ISLA groups, I always have a good time! I just get on the stage, grab the microphone and encourage everyone to sing as if I am a TV host.
  4. What do you like most about ISLA?
    Firstly, I love meeting people from all over the world. Almost everyone that comes here wants to learn and has a great time because of their positive attitude towards learning. Secondly, I love being a part of a team of professionals who are always smiling and are eager to work.
  5. What do you like least about ISLA?
    The time it takes me to get from my house to the school! 10 minutes!! Actually, I am very lucky because I live right next to the Plaza Mayor and so I have everything nearby. So, I will say that the worst thing is having to get up early at weekends. Although I love what I do, spending a day with a lot of students can be very tiring!