" ...I focused on Spanish schools in Salamanca, I contacted to former students of each school and asked some details. The answers from students were helped me to reduce the list to mainly two schools in Salamanca, ISLA was clearly offering better prices. " Bora Uzun, Turkey

Money Back Guarantee

Picking something you can't try on can be a bit worrying. Am I making the right choice? We've all been there. Well, it doesn't have to be like that. 25 years of experience says students are delighted with their choice. But in the most unusual case you weren't, then you would have an out. It's called the Money Back and it works like this:

If in your first 3 days you have an ISLA-related issue that we unable to resolve you get a full course refund. We do this because we think your leap of faith in picking us deserves to be rewarded with flexible, understanding treatment and not a scary lock-in! And we would not force people to stay in a situation that they weren't happy in for fear of losing their money. We are able to do it because we think that the website keeps it real so people get what they are expecting and the only surprises in store are good ones!

For legal reasons we are not able to extend this guarantee to those on study visas under any circunstances.

"Got what you booked"

This reflects ISLA's commitment to fair practice. Every level and every course is guaranteed and there is no reduction of course hours or cancellations of courses offered for whatever reason.

“No hidden costs” Guarantee

At ISLA you do NOT have to add the following costs. ALL of our prices are END COSTS:

  • Reservation fee/deposit. This is DEDUCTED in full from course fees.
  • We do not charge an accommodation arrangement fee.
  • Mailing of VISA documents via non urgent post.
  • Certificates of attendance are included.
  • Payment by credit card. There is no extra charge to pay this way.
  • Flight confirmation, printing of boarding passes, help with onward arrangements or travels while in Salamanca are all included.
  • Many extra curricular activities – see which on the activities page
  • Tutorials