About me:
  1. Where were you born?
    I was born in Valencia, a city in the east of Spain on the meditarranean coast. It´s one of the most popular tourist destinations in summer for Spaniards and foreigners.
  2. What is your favourite part of Spain?
    I adore Salamanca, of course, I´ve lived here almost my entire life and it’s an ideal city to live in, especially whilst studying at university. But my favourite part of Spain is, without a doubt, the north. The food, the scenery, the people… I love it..
  3. What makes you happy in your day to day life?
    Waking up and seeing the sun, starting my day by listening to music, my family smiling about good times, spending time with friends and family, and going to work knowing that I enjoy my job.
  4. The three things you enjoy most in life?
    Travelling, eating, and dancing.
  5. Where do you go to lose yourself, to relax and enjoy your free time?
    Natural spaces without a doubt. I love everything about nature, going to the countryside, breathing the mountain air, seeing the animals… The Sierra de Francia is an ideal place to go walking amongst villages and forests.
  6. Your best quality?
    I feel happy and positive the majority of the time.

About my job:
  1. What did it mean to you to become part of the ISLA team?
    For me, it was completely the correct decision to start working at ISLA, I recently returned from a year in Ireland and you could say that this job was exactly what I was looking for. To have contact with different cultures, different languages, to enjoy leading activities with the students. It is a very special opportunity
  2. What do you like most about your job?
    I love that every day is like an adventure, I never tire of running the activities with the students because each group is different and creates a different experience. It’s a constant sharing of cultures which makes me excited about my job.
  3. What do you like about the way the ISLA team works?
    In my opinion, ISLA is a perfect place to do a Spanish course for various reasons; the facilities that are offered to the students and school groups, the concern for the wellbeing of the students at all times, the aim of learning Spanish whilst enjoying an unforgettable experience, the creativity and innovation… and, something very important in my point of view, the relationship between everyone on the ISLA team, the atmosphere of teamwork and a good mood.
  4. What activities do you enjoy doing most?
    I think that some of my favourite are; the trips to the countryside with the students, I like teaching them about nature, explaining interesting things… and I like the cooking classes, because I love to cook… and eat!
  5. How would you describe ISLA as a school in three words?
    Different, professional, and fun.