I first came to Salamanca to do a Spanish course. My two main criteria for picking the destination of my course were that it shouldn't have a beach (!) and shouldn't be too big. I had a long list of cities which fulfilled both preferences. In the end I opted for Salamanca because I liked its name. Life's coincidences!

When I got to Salamanca I was captivated by the Plaza Mayor, the University and the beauty of the old quarter. And also by the nightlife. Although I was still officially enrolled at the University of Mainz (Translation and Interpretation Faculty) I ended up practically living here. I made a living as a German teacher, opened a German night school and met Amanda. We, together with Jimmy and Carlos - the two heads of study - , set up ISLA in 1990.

At the end of the 90's I worked at Salamanca University's Translation Faculty. In 2002 I moved to Barcelona (we set up another language school there) to return 7 years later. I enjoyed Barcelona a lot but over time got tired of living between two cities. and of how expensive and big it was; I really appreciate those little things that make for such great quality of life in a smaller city and the fact there is always someone to talk to. Apart from running ISLA I still teach at the University from time to time and do translations.

Summer is high season at ISLA so Amanda and I go away on holiday in the winter. My favourite countries are Namibia and Brazil. In my freetime I enjoy compiling Cd's or music lists on Spotify, I'm a fan of social media networks . and I still go out quite a lot! I also make wine (so if you come you can try some). Although I know that football amounts to little more than 22 people running after a ball and that the richer the team, the more the trophies, I still "waste" a fair amount of time watching it. ISLA is the main sponsor of a team of amateur footballers in the Bars and Cafes League. I like working at ISLA because there are people from every continent and of all ages and helping them to learn a language is a satisfying job. Even after all these years I still enjoy taking them for tapas or on an excursion to places they wouldn't otherwise find. I hope to meet you at ISLA one day.