Yes. If you were decide to swap, say, from a family to a shared flat or vice versa, or change your family or flat for a different one we would arrange this at the earliest possible interval. Changes are fairly rare.

We always visit student accommodations prior to sending students there and receive constant feedback from our student questionnaires.

No, you can only book a double room if you are coming with someone else. If you come on your own it has to be an individual room.

With a homestay this is not possible unless you have requested a double room. In a student flat this is often possible but please consult with the office about additional charges.

This is up to you. Some people find half board suits them better to be a bit freer to eat out at the pool, or go for tapas, but full board is a very good deal.

If you are staying less than a month, you pay in full. If you stay more than one month, you can pay monthly.

Sheets are provided in all accommodation options, but bring your own towels if you are staying in a self-catering student flat or private apartment.

With families no, as these are charged on a daily basis. Flats are progressively cheaper for each week you stay in your first month but from the second month, the weekly price is the same.

As soon as you have your flight. Please note that the option of private apartment has limited availabililty.

Yes, these are included in the price.

Yes, you can.

No. We take care of this, except with one or two private apartments.

In the shared flats and private apartments, yes. At homestays, the host family will wash your clothes once a week.

In all options you have your own keys. Minors are required to hand in latch keys at dinner.

Host family.

Usually on the weekend prior to the course commencement but we can try to accommodate other days. Ditto departures.